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dudelsaladt are nilsmusic and fefe tainment,
two computer and music loving guys from bremen in the windy north of germany.

they started producing music together in oktober 2015

dudelsaladts motor is the love to make music, 
it doesn’t matter what comes out at the end, 
the main thing in the process is to have a lot of fun.

some would describe their music style as „techno“ but that’s not a fitting description.
we would describe it as „glitchy,weirdo,broken.four to the floor dance music“

live gigs of dudelsaladt are really rare at this time,
some people even believe that they do not exist, but that’s not true.
the existence of dudelsaladt was obscured by the goverment over the last years .

if you do not believe , 
you can hear and see it yourself with your own eyes and ears .

because on nearly every friday or wednesday they do an about 4 hours long live producing via their youtube and twitch channel!
watch out for announcements on their fb, twitter or telegram.